Why I am using Netlify for web hosting

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Remember that I started back in the mid-90's as a web developer so back then it was just HTML files and perl scripting to connect anything to the database.

HTML is still wicked FAST and back then when it was brand new to the world, loading websites FAST was just the way it was. Then the interwebs changed with things like ASP.NET, PHP that would now stuff all your content into a database so this while helpful is what we now consider a Monolith application but it slowed down not only development of websites but spawned all kinds of new software engineering like caching, load balancers, web server farm etc. just to keep sites up at scale.

JAMStack will save you money and make your sites run faster with less hardware needed!

For example, if you build websites with Microsoft tools, you would have to connect to the database to even show the "Home Page" which now adds extra time to grab that from the database instead of just an HTML file, WTF?

Why did you all of a sudden need to store all of your static pages in a database? Well, for some data it makes sense but static pages never did however, it is where the industry headed so now we are finding a happy balance with the re-birth of the JAMStack and what Netlify made hip again, as their motto says "the fastest way to build the fastest sites" and they mean business.