Eleventy Bare Starter

Start your web projects with my eleventy bare starter template then add your own theme and customize the HTML pages as you see fit.


Share your work they say, ok, I will, I am finally sharing my eleventy bare starter template which I use to start all of my web projects.

You can clone this project, add your own theme / customize the HTML as needed and get your side gigs started quickly.

When you start your side gig, I like to use Eleventy (11ty) because it is so fast and simple to get started with.

Let me also stress that it is very important to get your HTML pages mocked up first BEFORE any coding begins.


Familiarize yourself with Eleventy

When you learn Eleventy and then look at Zach’s starter blog called Eleventy Base Blog, you'll see it's a great start and I wanted to add on top of it with my own template to help round out what a eleventy starter project can be.

Skeleton pages included

I include pages like Terms of Service, Privacy Policy etc. which you can modify as needed and the rest of the pages are in the nav bar and footer section.

Add your own theme

This site uses WingCSS which is a classless css framework that weighs in at just 5kb. It is only one file and can be easily replaced as you pick your own designer or theme/template.

If you want to find a HTML theme or template once you have completed your HTML mockup of the pages you need, I would recommend looking at Wrap Bootstrap or Theme Forest

Work in progress

This eleventy base starter will continue to be updated as it is just a jumping off point to get you started quickly.

My goal is to help others with this template but do not plan on seeing more additions to this because keeping it minimal is the goal. If you see something that would be valuable to modify, let me know on Github.

Why I am using Eleventy (11ty) for my starter template

Eleventy is super simple to start building website with especially if you are new to building them

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Map out all your pages first

Follow the plan and DO NOT start coding your website right away!!!

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